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FMP256 Flash Music Playhead :: Minicaster FREE

The playhead will be shown below, embedded into a section of random text. You can use this page as a basis for your own site, just open it in your normal web editor to extract the Javascript and Flash 'object' sections.

Playhead embedded using the Flash Stirfry technique

Minicaster Radio Playhead

To listen you must install Flash Player. Visit Draftlight Networks for more info.

The standard dimensions of the playhead are 180 x 70. Full instructions on installing your playhead, creating a configuration file and changing the playhead startup schemes are given in the Documentation Folder.

For our full catalog of designs for MP3 and video delivery, visit our website at

Talking to the playhead with JavaScript

This link uses JavaScript to toggle between play and pause

This link uses JavaScript to change the configuration file

extendedReporting system

The text area below shows information sent from Minicaster every time something happens. You would normally not include this on a public website, but it allows you to debug problems with your stream and config files. See the documentation for instructions on using this system.

clear trace box