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Instructions : DNeX Flash Audio playhead : Minicaster FREE


The XML configuration file will usually be loaded from the same website folder as the SWF file, and using the same name as the playhead (but with an XML extension). For example, if the Minicaster playhead is available at


then the configuration file should be at


The file contains XML data that defines all of the startup parameters for the playhead (autostart, volume, etc.) and of course the location of the webcast itself. The configuration file must be present, and must have a webcast defined, or the playhead will stop and display an error.

A sample configuration file is shown below:-

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?> <config version="1s" xmlns=""> <mp3cast> <mount>http://my.icecast.xx:8000/live/</mount> <website></website> <title>Title of my radio station</title> </mp3cast> <init autoplay="0" volume="80" reload="5" xfade="0" /> </config>

The <init> tag

The parameters in the init tag are as follows:-

The <mp3cast> structure

The <mp3cast> tag has several child tags, some are optional and some are not:-